I Tried It – Shapewear from Amazon

I don’t know where to start.  My youngest baby is going to be 2 this fall, and I never lost those last few pounds that I gained during my pregnancy.  In fact, once I weaned my EBF baby, I gained a few more pounds (ugh).  I’m now in a “chicken and egg” situation.  I pretty much only wear activewear because my regular pants don’t fit comfortably. But my yoga pants are so comfortable, that I keep forgetting that my regular pants don’t fit and I keep eating too much.  I thought that maybe I’d try wearing some shapewear on a semi-regular basis to keep me a little more conscious (in a good way) about my body and how I was eating.  Here’s what I tried:

This shapewear is serious business.  I’m tall and it still sits right beneath my bra’s chest band (no mommy muffin top).  I would probably relegate this shaper to special occasions when I want to look really pulled-in.  It’s really tight–not uncomfortable, but not something I’d want to wear day in and day out.

This one went right back to Amazon.  Again, I liked the fact that it was high-waisted, but it rode up almost immediately after I put it on.  (And, FYI, it rode up over my underwear.  I was not trying on random undies from Amazon without a barrier.  Gross.)


These were my favorite.  They don’t hold me in as tightly, but work well for everyday wear. The price point for two pairs is great. The top of the shapewear sits right beneath my bra chest band.

What have you tried?

Here are some other options to check out:

What about shapewear camisoles?  I was thinking of trying out some shapewear camisoles once Fall rolls around.  Check these out!


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