I Tried Mealime and Here’s What I Thought

Have you heard about Mealime?  The app was recommended to me in an on-line user group, so I thought I’d try it.

You can set your food preferences (vegetarian, low carb, paleo, etc), allergies, and foods you simply don’t like.  Then, you can pick how many meals you’d like to cook and how many people you’d like to cook for.

I let the app pick my meals for the week and I opted to try three of them.  One of the things I really liked about the app was that it automatically generated a shopping list for me.  Since I order my groceries online, getting all of the ingredients was a breeze.


The first recipe I tried was the Italian Wedding Soup with Turkey Meatballs & Kale.

Maybe I’m a slow chopper, but between the ingredients gathering, chopping and clean up, it took me much longer than the estimated 30-40 minutes.  The end result tasted very . . . healthy.  My husband liked it, and I was able to get my kids to eat it as well.  (My one year old ended up with kale stuck in his teeth after dinner.  I was cracking up every time he smiled at me all evening.)

Verdict:  It wasn’t tasty enough to balance out the amount of work that went into it.  However, it did help me overcome my fear of cooking with kale and gave me some ideas for future recipes.

The next recipe I tried was the Greek Frittata with Spinach, Grape Tomatoes & Feta

In theory, this is a tasty recipe.  I love all of the ingredients:  onions, garlic, tomatoes, spinach and cheese.  However, instead of going with the egg bake cooking technique that I know works for me, I tried to cook the frittata on the stovetop, per the recipe instructions.  It ended up just a tiny bit burnt on the bottom.  If I made this again, I’d bake it in the oven and use smaller amounts of the ingredients.  The broiled feta on the top was a nice touch.

Verdict:  I wouldn’t make it again, but I’d make something similar and inspired by this recipe.

The final recipe:  Skillet Dijon Chicken & Mushrooms with Asparagus.


This was my favorite meal.  It was relatively easy to prepare and really quick.  I only deviated slightly from the recipe.  It told me to blanch the asparagus and I opted to roast it instead.  I personally love roasted asparagus, but didn’t know how I felt about blanched asparagus. It also saved me the trouble of having two large pots for that step–one to boil the asparagus and another for the ice bath.

I don’t often cook full meals on the stove top, so this was a pleasant change. The leftovers were also delicious and even made a nice sandwich on the third day.

Verdict:  I’d make this recipe again.

Would I use Mealime again?  Yes–with some stipulations.  I’d probably only do 2-3 meals, and I’d trust my instincts more when I think that I should deviate from the recipe slightly.  I’d also choose a week where I have time to run into longer meal prep times than anticipated.

Have you tried Mealime?  What did you think?


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