When You Break Your Apple Watch . . .

The other day, the unthinkable happened.  I cracked the face of my Apple watch when it fell from a height of EIGHT inches from the ground.

That’s right.  Eight. Freaking. Inches.

I’ll back up to getting this watch two years ago.  It was right before the birth of our second child, and my husband surprised me with an “extraction gift”.  (We renamed it from “push present” because I was having a scheduled c-section.)  That gift was the Apple Sport Watch.

Almost two years later, I’m not an Apple Watch super user, but it has definitely made many aspects of my life easier.  I miss fewer phone calls and texts, and can track my activity more easily.  The feature that allows me to page my phone when I can’t find it has probably saved me 400 hours in the last two years (I kid, but not really).  Did you know that they have a Nike integration now?  The gold with the dark blue band is really stylish too!

So, back to the terrible day.  I’d taken both of my kids swimming and had tucked the watch into the bottom of the stroller.  Apple says that the watch is water resistant, but why chance it?  As I was loading up the car after swimming and pulled one of the bags from the bottom of the stroller, the watch flopped out, fell eight inches and shattered the glass along one side of the watch face.

Ugh.  The watch still worked, but I was not comfortable wearing it.  I have small kids–I can’t wear something that could sprinkle glass shards all over them.

We looked for places that might repair Apple watches–no dice.  They just replace the entire unit for about $220.  My husband found one on Ebay for $170 and purchased it for me.  It turns out that the seller was shady and never mailed it.  (We did get our money back.)  As I prepared to bite the bullet and purchase the $220 replacement, I thought I’d look for some sort of cover to protect my new watch from shattering.

I was looking through protective covers on Amazon, when I stumbled upon a flexible, plastic cover that fit over the entire watch head.  An idea popped into my head.  Could I use this cover (that’s less than $10) to make my current watch work again??  (Link here.)

The answer is yes, but not 100%.  With the way that the watch shattered, it’s no longer water resistant, and this cover only covers the top and sides of the watch.  If I sweat at all (i.e. wear it while I work out), or get water on it, the plastic cover traps all of the sweat between the cover and the watch face.

All that being said, I have been able to postpone paying the $220 to replace my watch with a new one.  For now . . .

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