My Favorite Backpack

A few months ago, I started following the fabulous ladies over at TheMomEdit.  This backpack was mentioned over and over as “the best”, “comfortable”, and “stylish” bag ever.  I don’t know about you, but those are all qualities that I would want in a bag, so I checked it out.  It’s the Rebecca Minkoff Julian Backpack.

I started out with the medium Julian in a beautiful gray/beige color.  I was able to fit my full size wallet, sunglasses case, and other essentials in it.  I absolutely love the small zippered pockets on the side.  I keep lipsticks and my lip balm pot in them.  The medium version I purchased also has a flat pocket along the back that fit my iPhone 7+ perfectly. The bag in the bottom right corner most closely matches the one I have, but this one looks to be suede versus leather.

I was carrying the the medium so much, I started strongly considering purchasing the full size Julian as well.  After much deliberation, I ended up purchasing the the tan version of the larger bag (the bag on the bottom).

Now, I own  a lot of purses.  I’ve carefully assembled a collection of bags that I absolutely love, and I usually rotate my purses every couple of weeks.  However, since buying the Julian, it’s almost become the only bag that I carry.  I have two very busy boys, and keeping up with them in public can be tricky.  In addition to looking really stylish, it’s incredibly comfortable.  I often forget that I have it on!  I now regularly check the Rebecca Minkoff website for new colors and fabrics.  The nylon one is really tempting!


Some dressing room selfies with my favorite bag.

Have you tried the Julian?  Tell me your favorite bag!



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