Gift Ideas When You Want to Veer Off of the Baby Registry of the Mom-To-Be

So you’ve been invited to your friend’s/office mate’s/relative’s baby shower–yay! Right?

When I had my first child, the process of putting together my registry was overwhelming and not a whole lot of fun.  Did you know that there are thousands of baby products?!?  And within each baby product category, there’s thousand of variations.  (I exaggerate, but only slightly.)

Say that you’ve gotten your invitation, and scoped out the baby registry, but nothing is jumping out at you.  I can’t blame you.  Diaper genies, baby bathtubs, and rectal thermometers do not get my heart racing.  Here are some nice options if you’d like to strike out on your own to find that special something for the mom-to-be.


These aren’t the mom bangle, but some other cute options that celebrate other life occasions and relationships.

The kate spade mom idiom bangle.  It comes in both silver and gold–whichever your friend would prefer.  I can’t always find it on their website, so I stock up when I do stumble across it.  kate spade will often include it in one of their sales, which drops the price to about $36.  I definitely stock up when it’s on sale.

A grocery delivery subscription.  I started using Shipt a few months and it’s been life-changing.  I log onto their website, order my groceries, select a delivery time and they bring them right to my door.  A few things to consider with this gift:  1) Will your friend use this?  2) Cost.  Items are routinely priced slightly higher than what they retail for in the store.  For me, I’m saving so much by not impulse buying, the markup is negligible.  A six month subscription to the service costs about $50.

Freezer Meals.  If you’re on a budget, but still want to do something really nice for your friend, freezer meals (with the accompanying recipe in case they want to make it again) are a great gift.  Now, you might not want to bring the meals to the shower, but a nice card explaining your gift is a lovely gesture. (Then deliver those freezer meals closer to her due date.)

Cleaning Service.  Again, this really depends on the mom.  I would have protested if this was given to me, but I would have secretly loved it.  (And I would have told the gifter how much I appreciated the gift.)

Boppy Lounger.  This item felt so frivolous when I purchased, but I loved it!  It’s a easy to move around the home and provided some variety for my little one–he wasn’t always flat on his back, being carried around, or hanging out in his Mamaroo.

A Mani/Pedi Giftcard + Childcare.  I still remember my first pedicure after baby #1.  It felt so neat to get out among other adults, sip a small glass of wine (included with pedicure–I miss my Nashville nail salon), and enjoy some peace and quiet.  The giftcard is self-explanatory, the childcare part is where you volunteer to watch the baby while your friend enjoys a brief R&R.

Children’s Books.  There are approximately 1,546,348,897 children’s books.  Again, I exaggerate, but not by much.  With babies, board books are best.  Babies are terrible about ripping pages out of books.  Some of the favorites in our house are the Llama Llama books, the Little Blue Truck series, and The Wonderful Things You Will Be.

What was the baby shower gift you’ve received?  What else would you add?

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