beautyblender review

I don’t often wear foundation.  I don’t have the mental energy for it nor the need to wear it daily.

However, there are times where I’d like to look a bit spiffier and smoother than normal.  I dreaded having to deal with anything besides foundation and a bit of concealer.

Enter the beautyblender.  My world was forever changed.

This tool doesn’t save me time, but it saves me large amounts of mental energy.  It also gives me a great finished look I don’t have to work that hard to accomplish.  All you have to do is wet the beautyblender, wring out the excess moisture, dip it into your foundation/concealer/beauty product of choice and (essentially) mindlessly blot it against your face over and over.  The resulting look I achieve using the beautyblender is very natural, and I don’t have to exhaust any extra mental energy or frustration getting it.

This product has a few downsides.  One, it doesn’t save me much time.  Between all of the blotting and then the cleaning of the sponge after each use, I don’t shave any time off of my beauty routine.  Two, at $20 a pop and replacing mine every 3-4 months (I don’t use it every day), this is a pricey tool.

All things considered, if you do regularly use foundation/BB cream/CC cream/tinted moisturizer and aren’t happy with your finished look, I’d definitely recommend checking out the beautyblender!

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