Vests: A Mom’s Best Friend

I haven’t bounced back from child #2 like I did with child #1.  Both of my kids were 9.5 pounds, and after my first baby, my body snapped back beautifully.  I was very active with my first son.  We went to the YMCA almost daily.  And, the only time he would take good naps was in the stroller, so we walked, and walked and walked.  With regular workouts, daily walks, and nursing, I couldn’t keep weight on. I regularly ate cookies and doughnuts twice a day and still dropped to the lowest weight I’d ever been in my adult life.

Fast forward to having another child: now there’s a two year old and an infant in the mix.  Between the two kids, one always seemed to have a cold that would preclude me from being able to put them into childcare at the gym so that I could work out.  There was also the added work of caring for two children, eating lots of convenience (often junky) food, and not taking those long walks with the stroller.  And, did I mention that we bought a house and moved in the middle of all of this?

Combine all of those factors, and that baby weight that fell off after my last pregnancy just wasn’t coming off quite as easily. And a bunch of it happily settled around my waistline. I was kinda squashy.

I found some great, blousy tops to camouflage it, and my nursing camis held it in as well. I thought for sure I’d drop that weight sooner or later.  However, 13 months later, I’ve still got it. I worry less about it, but I’d still like it gone. In the meantime though, let’s talk about the magic of VESTS.

I’ve got a vest for every occasion. I’ve got atheleisure vests, sweater vests, and a couple of fabulous (faux) fur vests.

In addition to hiding a midsection I’m not loving at the moment, they can make an outfit look more pulled together with minimal effort.

Here’s a great example of how a vest can make you look pulled together on even the worst days.  My son is miserably sick in this photo, but doesn’t he look fabulous? (I kid, I kid.)  Sometimes giant sunglasses help too . . .

Here are some great sporty options.  You could pair these with a t-shirt and yoga pants or jeans and instantly look more pulled-together.

If you’re looking for something that might pair well with jeans or other casual pants, check these out.  As the temperatures warm up, you could probably wear the quilted vest with casual spring dresses and capris.  I think the quilting and the plaid pattern makes a standard “puffy vest” just a bit dressier.

If you need to “get fancy”, these are some great options!  I have worn my faux fur vest dozens of times this winter.  Some of these are a bit pricier than what I’d normally spend, but the design details are so distinctive and fun!

Happy shopping!!

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