I Tried It: Sunless Tanning. Kate Somerville’s 360 Body Tanning Towelettes

Here’s my experience with Kate Somerville 360 Body Tanning Towelettes.

These towelettes are sold in packs of 8 for $48 per pack. Since I wasn’t sure I if was going to love them, I searched and found a 2 pack of towelettes from a seller on Ebay and purchased those first before taking the plunge and buying 8 of them.

Using the towelette:

My First Attempt: I followed the directions and, after showering and exfoliating, I rubbed the towelette all over my body (starting at my feet) and up. My husband helped me get my back. It was very fast and easy and the product dried quickly and there was pretty much zero odor.

The next morning, I had a nice, natural-looking glow, but I did notice a few things that I’ll share with you as well as how I corrected them for my next application.

  • The product will go on the darkest wherever you start with the towel. My legs turned out darker than my upper body.  My feet also turned out a little orange-y because the towelette is so saturated when you first start to use it.
  • The towelette barely does my entire body and at $6 a pop, I really didn’t want to open up another one.

Here’s how my arm looked 2.5 hours after I applied it.  It’s subtle, but I noticed a definite difference.


My Second Attempt: The color was holding beautifully, but I had a wedding coming up and wanted a little more color. Plus, I wanted to try out my new application idea—using rubber gloves. So again, I showered, lightly exfoliated and dried off and then applied the product again. Only this time I was wearing rubber gloves and used my gloved hands to rub the product into my skin instead of the towelette. The towelette lasted longer and my product application came out much more evenly over my entire body.

Things I loved about this product:

It’s really easy to apply. I used it twice in one week—once on a Monday and again on a Thursday. The color was holding nicely, so I would have been okay with just one application for the week, but I thought I’d see what an extra application would get me. It gave me a nice, slightly darker tan.

It dries really quickly. Just to be safe, I wore loose-fitting, dark clothes for the rest of the evening to ensure that there was no color transfer.

The resulting color from one application is very nice and natural, but it definitely gives a nice glow. The second application just deepened the color slightly.

Things I didn’t love:

The price per towelette is $6 each and you can only buy 8 at a time (that’s $48!), which can seem a bit pricey compared to other home tanning products. However, if you compare it to a spray tan at $25+ a pop, you’re definitely coming out ahead both time-wise and money-wise

The towelette will just barely do my entire body. I think once I become a little more adept with the product, this will be easier. Using gloved hands to rub the product in versus using just the towelette really helped.  I highly recommend this application technique.

The only option to fix the spots I missed is using a different product, or opening a $6 towelette and either ending up way too tan, or wasting the towelette.

In Summary:

I would purchase these again. The resulting glow I achieved from using it was very natural, and lasts well. I also really liked how quickly and easily it was to apply.  As a mom with limited time for beauty treatments, this is a winning product for me.

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