How to De-clutter the Top of Your Refrigerator

In our current home, we don’t have a lot of pantry space. And, the pantry space that remains is within reach of my toddler. So either I lock the Cheerios up, or store them out of his reach on top of the fridge. I hated the look of all of these cereal boxes and bags of chips sitting on top of my fridge—what was I going to do?


Here’s what I did:


I went to Target.


I bought two cute storage bins.  (You can find similar ones here and here.)


I put all of my cereal boxes and chip bags into them.




An uncluttered refrigerator top.

As a bonus, I’m not staring at bags of cookies and chips all day and tempted to eat them. I often forget they’re there until I’m feeding my son.

I’m sorry if you thought this post might be a teense more involved, but I hope you found this post both amusing and helpful 🙂

And, my husband and I have been staring at the “itsey bitsey” spider on our fridge trying to figure out what was wrong with it since our son brought it home from school.  It’s supposed to be “itsy bitsy”.  Oh well, it’s still stinking cute.

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